Making a Will is something which, perhaps understandably, tends to put on the long finger. No matter what value of your assets, whether large or small making a Will helps to plan what is to happen in the aftermath of a death, but nothing can adequately prepare us for the loss of a loved one. A lot of everyday tasks require attention and important decisions may have to be made with regard to the deceased’s property and personal belongings (for instance, should the house be sold?). It is important to seek timely professional advice and assistance.

The advantages of making a will:

  • It protects and provides for your loved ones. It will also prevent unnecessary distress and expense on your relations which can occur where there is no will;

  • It allows a parent(s) appoint a guardian(s) for their child(ren) and long term dependants;

  • It gives legal status to what you intend to do with your assets or possessions;

  • Making a Valid Will could be straightforward, but it can be more complicated than you realise. It is important that you consult a solicitor who can guide and advise you through the confidential process of making a will for the benefit of your loved ones, while providing the assurance that what you have written is legal and valid whilst minimising adverse tax implications;

It is important to remember that your Will is a very important document and should be reviewed periodically so that it accurately reflects your wishes.

We also provide advice on Inheritance Tax Planning.

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