Swearing of Documents

You may have to swear a document there are some documents which cannot just be signed, they must be sworn. These documents are particularly important documents. Everyone wants to be sure that you have taken time to think about the truth of what is in the document. You need to be sure that you are happy to swear that what it says is true. It is an offence to swear that something is true when it is not. Swearing a document is similar to what a witness does in court when that person swears that he or she will tell the truth

You may need our services if:-

  • you are giving evidence on an affidavit for court proceedings in Ireland;

  • you are making an affirmation, declaration, acknowledgement, examination or attestation for the purposes of court proceedings or for the purposes of registration of documents;

Practising solicitors generally have the power to administer oaths - this generally arises in the context of swearing of affidavits.

If you are required to swear an Affidavit please contact us.

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